Cosmetic Tattoing by Tayla

Feather-Touch Microblading

Not Your Average Brow Make-Over

Welcome to the world of transformative beauty with Cosmetic Tattooing by Tayla. As a skilled and passionate cosmetic tattooist, Tayla specialises in two tattooing techniques: Feather-Touch Microblading (eyebrows) and Lip Tattooing/Blushing.

With Tayla's expertise, your journey to enhancing your natural features begins here. Whether you desire meticulously shaped eyebrows or lusciously defined lips, Tayla's artistry ensures stunning, long-lasting results tailored to accentuate your unique beauty. Experience the confidence-boosting magic of Cosmetic Tattoos and uncover a new level of self-assurance with every stroke.

Feather-Touch Microblading

Brows by Tayla are not your average brow makeover. Tayla is a brow artist, creating individual brows to suit your face geometry and personal style. Tayla does not use stencils, instead working to a client’s brief. Tayla has refined her artistry skills over 15 years.

What is Feather-Touch Microblading?

Feather-Touch Microblading is a semi permanent tattoo applied to the skin under the brows to enhance or create the perfect eyebrow individualised to you. The technique involves manually drawing precise hair strokes using a fine micro-blade. Pigment is gently drawn into the surface of the skin to achieve the natural, desirable, results. Tayla uses the highest quality, laboratory tested, Swiss Pigments that are free from iron oxide and heavy metals. This ensures that the colour is stable and well-tolerated, meaning that the eyebrows won’t discolour and will fade naturally. Tayla has been perfecting her freehand feather touch Microblading over 15 years. As an unashamed precisionist, Tayla includes a complimentary follow up Perfection Session to ensure that the end result is nothing short of perfection.

Step One: 

The first step to transforming your brows involves an elaborate assessment of your existing brows and skin to establish which technique, colour and shape is best suited to you. This initial consultation includes a shape and tint of your existing brows to help you visualise the end results. This will also allow you to see Tayla’s vision of the perfect brows for your face.

Step Two: 

The treatment begins with Tayla mapping out your desired eyebrow shape. When it comes to the ‘perfect brow’ it is a combination of your personal preference and what is most flattering for your face shape. Numbing cream is applied to the targeted area to ease any pain associated. Once the brow has been mapped out, Tayla draws very fine hair strokes onto the skin, balancing out any irregular hair growth as well as giving shape and fullness. The treatment is finished off with the brows soaking in pigment. The treatment can take anywhere between 90 and 120 minutes, including numbing.

Step Three: 

This is the healing phase. Here at Beauty Collective Co, a complimentary Healite II is included in the price of our Microblading treatment. This will help to help speed along the recovery process. Immediately following the procedure the pigment will appear quite dark, and the skin underneath it may be red. Don't stress, it’s typical to experience some redness and sensitivity following. For 2 - 4 days post treatment, the brows are oxidised, therefore appear to be a lot darker than the intended shade. Your brows may recover at different rates, don't be alarmed in this process, one brow could look different to the other, please note that this is due to the wound healing process. You can loose up to 50- 70% of this colour, this is why we have your perfection session 6 -8 weeks post treatment.

It can take anywhere from 7 -14 days for the skin to begin to appear healed and for the pigment to fade to its intended shade.

Follow these after care steps to take care of your skin after Microblading:
  • Avoid getting the area wet for at least 7 days. This includes keeping your face dry during a shower.
  • Don’t wear makeup near the area until they are healed. 
  • Don’t pick at scabs, tug, or itch the eyebrow area.
  • Avoid saunas, swimming, and excessive sweating until the area is completely healed
  • If feeling itchy or scabby please use a small amount of the cream provided in your aftercare with a q-tip.

After your skin is fully healed, you’ll want to protect your Microblading investment by taking care of your skin. Applying a sunscreen to the micro-bladed area and wearing a hat will help prevent fading. 

Step Four:

The final step of the process is your Perfection Session. This session will be booked in for 6 - 8 weeks post-initial treatment, once the brows have completely healed. In this session we will discuss how you are feeling with your new brows and make sure you are happy. We allow time to perfect the areas that may not have held the pigment as well as others. This treatment should take between 60-90 minutes. 

Please advise you will have the same healing process as the first treatment.