Discover the true science of

Healite II LED Therapy

Providing improved healing times, pain relief, controlling active acne, skin rejuvenation and more.

Low level light therapy


Non invasive

Requires no downtime

Effective for all skin types



Here at Beauty Collective Co. we are about listening to what your primal concerns and needs are where we can customise the perfect treatment plan for you. Healite II LED treatment is beneficial for aesthetic uses on the face, stimulating collagen production and increasing cellular turnover, this magic machine will produce immediate results.

You will leave a session with plumper, radiant skin. On top of this, it can be used anywhere on the body for pain and healing scarring. The Healite is suitable and effective for all skin types. Not only for skin rejuvenation but for multiple skin conditions, such as; Perioral dermatitis, Roscesea, Psorisis and Acne. Physiologically this medical grade treatment helps with chronic joint pain, arthritis and inflammation.

We lose an average of 1% collagen per annum with ageing, so it’s great to know that with the non invasive medical device, Healite II, LED (light emitting diode) Low level light therapy (LLLT) you can turn back the clock and aid in stimulating collagen production. 

By stimulating the fibroblasts cells in the deeper layers of your skin, the LED Healite Therapy has been scientifically shown to improve both collagen and elastin levels by as much as 8-12 years. 

The Healite II LED is our magical machine that was sourced by Founder of BC, Tayla. Find out more about the inspiration behind the addition of this treatment into our repertoire. 

About Healite II LED therapy


The deep penetrating LED light stimulates your basal skin cells to heighten their internal functions, photo-stimulate effective dermal blood flow and induce faster healing. 

Healite therapy can be used immediately post non- surgical and surgical treatments to help reduce down time and whilst also stimulating collagen production. 


You can expect surgical recovery times to increase by up to 53% than without Healite treatment. 

You can also expect your skin to look more radiant and feel better due to stimulation of elastin and collagen production. 


You can expect to see results in two stages.

1. Immediate - clients usually report an immediate sense of well being and glowing soft skin due to the increased blood flow produced from the Healite LED therapy. 

2. Progressive - over a period of 12 weeks your skin quality improves due to the Healite’s stimulating effect and improved collagen levels. 


Our experienced clinicians will customise a Healite II treatment plan to help address your concerns and needs.

A Healite II LED treatment takes as little as 15 minutes, drift away to relaxing tunes or a guided meditation while your body and mind responds to the incredible medical device.


BRONZE - $356 for 4  X LED treatments

SILVER - $474 for 6 X LED treatments

GOLD - $600 for 8 X LED treatments

PLATINUM - $700 for 10 X LED treatments

Currently packages can only be purchased in salon or over the phone! Once you have secured your package you are able to book online as normal, alternatively you can book in salon or over the phone as well!

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I was left with a nasty scar on my forehead after being in a motorbike accident, after 8 sessions under the Healite my scar had completely healed and is barely noticable! I can personally vouch for the benefits of using Healite!
— Jay
Customer reviews
I am currently using the HEALITE therapy to treat redness and uneven skin tone on my face. After 3 sessions I have already noticed a huge improvement in my skin tone and reduced redness. Completely pain free and a very relaxing treatment. To top it off, the studio itself is also a beautiful and relaxing space.
— Casey
Customer reviews
So thankful that I decided to use Healite treatment for my Perioral Dermatitis, I subscribed to a program at Beauty Collective and it cleared up my perioral completely. I now just go back whenever I have a flare up and it settles it after 1 or 2 sessions. Thank god I found this pharmaceutical free treatment.
— Allie