Founder and Director

Tayla Shreeve

Passionate about beauty, inside and out.

About Tayla

Studying beauty from the age of 14, Tayla is driven by a belief that to look your best you also need to feel your best. Tayla’s boutique salon in Hampton, has been recently refurbished and expanded to offer holistic beauty services in a serene setting that engenders self love, self belief and self care. 

Over 15 years experience

Having operated a multitude of salons in Albert Park, Richmond, Sorrento, Sandringham and now Hampton, Tayla has over 15 years industry experience and has become renowned for her expertise and specialist beauty services, including Tayla Shreeve Brows.

Tayla’s own journey to self-confidence

Tayla understands what it feels like to endure the insecurity of not looking and feeling your best. Suffering from acne from endometriosis as a young teenager, she knows the impact on one’s self confidence that can come from debilitating skin conditions. Tayla’s own journey to self-confidence through beauty and wellness has inspired her to work in some of Australia’s most prestigious salons before starting her own.

The images detail Tayla's skin journey as she suffered from Perioral Dermatitis (PD), she developed this skin condition due to being run down and stressed. Tayla was burnt out of pharmacepharmaceutical and topical remedies for healing PD when she stubbled upon LED Phototherapy as a treatment. After investing in this technology she hasn't looked back and continues to use Healite II for treatment of any PD flare ups.

Customer reviews
First time client and will definitely be returning! Beautiful space & Tayla was amazing. Best service I’ve had at any brow place and my first time getting a lash lift & tint, super happy with the results. 100% recommend.
— Francesca
Tayla has been perfecting my brows for years and I constantly get comments on how great they are. The new space is so beautiful & relaxing, a perfect experience overall. I also had my whole bridal party & myself spray tanned for my wedding, again people made comment on how flawless & rich my tan was. I always walk out of The Beauty Collective Co feeling tampered and taken care of.
— Alison
So thankful that I decided to use Healite treatment for my Perioral Dermatitis, I subscribed to a program at Beauty Collective and it cleared up my perioral completely. I now just go back whenever I have a flare up and it settles it after 1 or 2 sessions. Thank god I found this pharmaceutical free treatment.
— Allie