The One Thing You Can Get Into Shape Without Exercising

Eyebrow Overhaul

We offer three different price points for brow overhauls, based upon how long you prefer to leave it in between visits! All include brow shaping and tinting.

1st Visit Brow Overhaul 

Loyalty Brow Overhaul (3 week maintenance)

4 Week Maintenance Brow Overhaul

5+ Week Maintenance Brow Overhaul

Signature Mini Makeover - includes brow overhaul + lash lift and tint

Signature Mini-Makeover

This signature service includes an Eyebrow Overhaul plus a Lash lift & tint for a full mini-makeover!

Eyebrow Overhaul:
We believe everyone’s brows are unique and different, therefore, we like to tailor your brows to suit you. This allows our brow stylist Tayla to carefully style and design beautiful brows that you’ve always wanted. Tayla has refined her artistry skills over 15 years, so you can trust her with your brows!
This service includes a brow wax, brow tint, tweeze and style with product application.

Lash Lift & Tint:
Define, curl and enhance your natural lashes with little to no maintenance. A lash lift allows you to enjoy beautifully curled lashes that open the eye and enhance the length and shape your lashes.
Generally lasting 6-8 weeks, or more, this treatment gives a natural enhancement to your lashes with no maintenance required.
Paired with a lash tint to give the illusion of wearing black mascara, without having to spend the time doing it. Talk about fuss-free! A permanent dye is applied to the lashes, darkening the colour and intensifying the lashes.

Customer reviews
I had my eyebrows done 12 months ago & today was my touch up session. So many people have said how amazing my eyebrows look, this is the best money I’ve ever spent! Tayla is so professional & very particular about your shape & face & then works her magic. I can highly recommend her work, she’s the best, thank you Tayla
— Rachel
Tayla is a highly skilled professional who values her clients above all else. She has been sculpting my brows for over 10 years and I would not (nor will not) go anywhere else!
— Amanda
Tayla is such an amazing woman! I was so nervous to have microblading done - she did a consultation and walked me through the whole process. When it came time to have them done, I was panicking... she calmed me down and did THE BEST JOB! My eyebrows look amazing, my touch up session went swimmingly, and now I won’t let anyone else near my brows. Tayla you are a superstar - talented, detail-orientated and a lovely human
— Kate